Culinary Workshops With Chef Suda

Learn alongside one of Yamagata’s most renown chefs

Take part in a special series of culinary workshops and demonstrations designed and run by Takeshi Suda, the head chef of Okimizuki.

Each workshop and demonstration focuses on local culinary techniques from the Shonai Region and takes advantage of the abundance of high grade ingredients that are sourced directly from the fisheries, farms, and local factories in Tsuruoka City.

See below for our list of current workshops and check back each season as we change up our menu of experiences.

Sushi Workshop with Sashimi Cutting

Work with freshly cut sashimi from fresh fish caught right off the coast of Shonai and learn to make top grade sushi under the masterful direction of Chef Suda.

Fugu Pufferfish Demonstration

See Chef Suda Prepare his signature dish from start to finish with tiger pufferfish.  This is the most dangerous and expensive fish by weight and its prized flavor and elegance is a must try for those visiting the Shonai Region.