Okimizuki Dining

Lunch Courses

Rethink your notion of aquarium dining, Okimizuki’s menu is part of a special initiative to serve up the best of what the Shonai Region has to offer to the many visitors who visit The Kamo Aquarium.

In addition to a wide offering of a la carte items, Okimizuki specializes in specially themed set lunches (定食) that feature the seasonal delicacies of the incredibly vast diversity of ingredients available through the seasons.

We particularly recommend trying fugu (tiger pufferfish)

Hamo Teishoku Courses

The coast of Shonai yields a plethora of high end conger eel that is exclusively served by Chef Suda in Okimizuki.  You can enjoy this eel in a variety of lunch couses served here daily.

From 1,300 yen – 3,500 yen

Tora Teishoku Courses 

A visit to the Shonai Region would not be complete without trying one of this region’s most famous specialities.  Tiger pufferfish is the served here at Okimizuki both in set courses and also individual sashimi plates.  

From 1,800 yen – 5,000 yen

Seasonal Lunch Courses

Depending on the seasonal ingredients available, a variety of teishoku courses are available here at Okimizuki.  Each course has been meticulously designed by Chef Suda and served up by himself or his disciplined apprentices.

From 5,000 yen

Dinner Courses 

Okimizuki has special night hours for guests who make advance reservations.  During this time, the restaurant transforms into a private venue with one on one time with Chef Suda and one of his dazzling kaiseki dinner courses.

Note that Okimizuki is only open for dinner for guests who make a reservations in advance.

You may do so on the reservation page here.

Fugu Course 

Enjoy a special kaiseki course of various cuts of pufferfish served alongside a dazzling display of other dishes.

This fugu in this course is primarily served in hotpot, as karage, and is accompanied by seasonal creations by Chef Suda.

5,000 yen / person

Tora Fugu Course

Taste the highest grade of pufferfish in Japan in this luxurious course designed around this highly prized fish that is almost exclusively caught right off the coast of Shonai.

This course places an emphasis on fresh sashimi of this special grade of fugu that is one of the most prized ingredients in Japan. 

10,000 yen / person

Tora Fugu Demonstration and Plating

See entire Tora fugu prepared from start to finish by Chef Suda, one of the most famous fugu chefs in all of Japan.  This will include the removal of the extremely toxic parts of the fish and the special plating of this fugu right in front of guests.  You will then get to enjoy a dinner built around the masterful work of art that you will also be able to enjoy.

12,500 yen / person